Banner Teams

Banner Executive Steering Committee

  • David Koehn, VP for Administartion and Finance
  • Janet Bahr, Interim Provost/VP for Academic Affairs
  • Laura Boren, Dean of Student Affairs

The following are roles and responsibilities of the Executive Steering Committee:

  • Resolve policy and organizational issues
  • Clearly/Consistently articulate project importance and commitment message
  • Support Project Charter and Scope objectives
  • Meet regularly for status report
  • Expedite decisions
  • Review and make final approval on modifications/customization
  • Responsible for the report to the President and the Cabinet

Banner Implementation Leadership Team 

  • Academic representative: Gordon Shamblin, Instructor of CS
  • Advancement: Danny Johnson, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Finance/Accounts Receivable: Sue Catron, Director of Business Affairs
  • Financial Aid: Dr. Teri Cochran, Director of Financial Services
  • Human Resources/Payroll: Rick Manes, Payroll Manager
  • Information Technology: Kevin Taylor, Associate CIO, Director of Enterprise Systems
  • Data Standards: Dr. Julie Sawyer, Coordinator of Institutional Research Assessment
  • Luminis (portal): Melissa Cloud, Web Team Coordinator
  • Student Admissions and Registration: Jeff Walker, Director of First Year Experiences 

The following are roles and responsibilities of the Implementation Leadership Team:

  • Establish project priorities and schedule
  • Identify project structure and composition
  • Meet weekly to review progress and status
  • Provides status reports to committees and organizations
  • Adjusts project plans when appropriate
  • Review and make recommendations on modifications/customization
  • Responsible for project deliverables
  • Resolve issues
  • Make recommendations on policy, resources and organizational issues
  • Facilitate administrative and faculty support
  • Communicate project to the NSU community
  • Report to their designated Cabinet member
  • Make decisions as appropriate